Inside each business iCard is an NFC chip and antenna. The chip communicates to the cellphone through the native Near Field Communication (NFC) channel. It is like Apple pay or Samsung pay. Since the NFC is already enabled in most of the cellphones, the content of the card will automatically pop up once you tap your phone on the iCard. The NFC chip is passive, means there is no need to have any kind of battery to start communicating to your phone. The iCard communicates to the phone at 13.56 MHz. the range of the communication is less than 1 inch and it is SSL secured

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           iCard vs. regular business card


iCard Business card is instantly accessible to users via a browser across a range of devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc). Other digital business cards require the user to first save the card as a new contract before the contents can be viewed which is a significant barrier between initial engagement and action/conversion.


iCard business card works on many different types of mobile devices, Android, BlackBerry and even iPhone. Since iCard is based on the phone browser, you don't need different versions of App to be developed for each type of device.


iCard is much more dynamic than any other type of business card in terms of pure flexibility to update content. If you want to change the design or content of the iCard you simply publish the edit once and the changes are immediately visible; updating a regular business card, on the other hand, requires you to order a new set of card.


The average shelf-life of any other business card is pretty short. iCard on the other hand are always available for users to return to it. Since iCard business card is an interface between your business and your customers, they can use it forever.








           iCard is integrated with Social media              

Integrate all your social media

You can add all your social media account to your iCard business card, Your Youtube, Linkedin, Twiter, Instagram, google plus, Pinterest, and even your blog. Your customers can access to your social media by just pressing a button on your page.

Increase in audience

By using iCard business card, you can increase audience engagement, and interact with your customers. It is not just limited to a traditional business card features, You make this business card whatever you want.







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